The Condos in Singapore Are Superior

I have been to a lot of different countries with my work, and one thing always amazes me. There is some really nice architecture in the places that I travel to, which are all major cities, but there is nothing that compares to the architecture that I see here in Singapore. Take the condo developments for instance. Nowhere do I see any of the luxuries that the New Futura in Singapore offers, except in Singapore. I have had my eye on New Futura for a while because of the sheer look of it.

There are two towers that are 36 stories high. Each tower has a basement garage that is plenty large enough for parking. That means that parking is not cluttering up the landscaping around the condo property, giving it a much more luxurious look just with that. The condo developments I have seen in other countries are decent enough, but the parking is an eyesore. It is either right out in the open by the condo buildings, or there is a parking garage, which is not very sightly. I like the underground parking idea the best as it is the best utilization of space.

The amenities is something else that is lacking in other areas. Sure, most newer developments have a swimming pool and fitness center. Those are just the standards anymore. But, Singapore condo developments take it much further. One pool is never enough. The residents of Singapore’s condos have their choice of many pools and many workout options too. There are also walking paths, picnic areas, social areas, lounges and much more. People are thought about, their needs and desires, and the condo developers make sure that anyone who moves in is going to be very happy. Maybe one day the rest of the world will catch up, but right now, I am glad that my corner of the world is already there.

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