Helping My Sister Get Her Confidence Back

My sister ended up inheriting the genes of my grandmother on our mother’s side. Grandma has some acne scarring from when she was a teenager, and she has a few moles too. My sister was devastated when she got acne thinking she would have to endure a life of scars. Then she got a couple moles and a couple of skin tags on her side. I told her about a female aesthetic doctor in Singapore I had read about who could help her with the scarring and easily get rid of the moles and skin tags. My sister wanted it done right, and I do not blame her. She did not want to take any chances of the skin on her face getting any worse.

She is really beautiful, but the scars hid that. I am a portrait artist, and I drew a picture of her without the acne scars to show her what was possible. All she could ever see was the scars. I told her that my picture is how we see her. She took the picture with her when she went to see the female aesthetic doctor in Singapore. She asked if the scars could be removed so that she could look like the version of her in the portrait. The doctor assured her that it was possible. It did not happen overnight, but it did happen. Her skin now matches how I drew her in the portrait.

She told me that her moles and skin tags have also been removed, and she now has perfectly smooth skin. She is ecstatic in the improvement that was attained by treating her to remove the acne scars, which were the most visible skin flaws that she had. She said she feels like a brand new person not seeing those acne scars in the mirror every day.