You need to know About ME PERSONALLY AGAINST YOU

The phenomenon of Luì in addition to Sofi is now regarding massive proportions. They can be me towards you and even they climb search rankings, many people hit Youtube, they also have hundreds of followers on web sites. The little ones appreciate them. The group of the particular duo me contro ght is made up involving children and even adolescents (between five together with ten years old) who, due to knowledgeable dialect suitable for all him and sofi, have the ability to entertain their small team by means of a channel that offers content of numerous kinds. The two youtubers and influencers, who are usually incredibly well-known among often the very small, have turn into the idols of teenagers in a few years.

His or her rise has led to the design involving a real brand. Firstly the sale of content involving me versus a person which is all about the school articles, goes for one of the most! All kids want for you to go to varsity with their very own youtuber idols. That you can buy there are various models of backpack, most multi-colored and even in the latest trend! me contro te Our site is stacked with any us as opposed to you accessories that your little one desires. Let’s definitely not forget the amazing diary everyone against an individual, full of contents and images that will reproduce the fantastic duet.

Just how can he and Sofi work together with the tiny target audience?
The foundation for the successful Facebook channel is definitely to “grab” a new slice of the public. Often the me against you have succeeded in just the fact that! Their movies are created and displayed in a new very exciting style with regard to children. But what will it be that drives our children ridiculous? Here is often the style list of often the me vs you videos:

the famous challenges (challenges) in which the everyone against an individual analyze themselves and captivate the little ones
they sing out tunes that entertain typically the children
reproduce parodies of all kinds
getting through lively experiments where the myself against you teach kids making them have fun
The line of Merchandise associated with Lui and Sofi

Presented the great accomplishment (with above 5 million followers about their Youtube . com page) he or she and sofi me towards you have improved their own marketing. They made their own own brand and develop a distinctive line of product. Garments, games me in opposition to you and even a class line. On our site an individual can find all the content of the phantasmagorical duo. We have been the 1st in Italia to obtain the particular exclusives of the only two most loved Sicilian males in the moment. With regard to case in point, the wonderful Us From You Spin View. On Christmas 2020 we all will be lucky enough to help offer you the original me towards you toy, which will be unveiled at that time!